So we aren’t foster parents.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I think part of me is disappointed, part of me is relieved, and part of me is confused.  


Why would we feel so strongly that we should say yes if this child wasn’t coming into our home?  Part of me thinks it’s related to being willing to say yes, which is what a lot of the content of this fast has been already.  

And speaking of saying yes, Tim told me yesterday that he’s officially telling AFLAC goodbye and he’s going to take his new job full-time.  I mean, I can’t be sure how I feel about that…wait, wait, yes I can.


This is a massive, huge, awesome thing.  I have praying for this for months.  

And then the weirdness ended for the night as we went off to sleep.


So, it gets weirder.  I’m driving with my client today and I get a call from a social worker who asks me to take in a foster child who’s placement is falling apart and she starts describing *my client*.  I’m all…


*Then* she asks if I will consider taking her in as a foster mother anyway.  


Needless to say, I spent over 6 hours today trying to get this kid a living arrangement for the weekend so I could go home.  Now the work day is over and Tim and I are going to have a little time to check in before I go to a meeting with the author of the devotional I’m following for the fast.   It’s just one crazy thing after another over here and I’m just trying to keep up.  

But I’m holding onto hope because my medical stuff has been significantly better during the fast and that is a welcome change.  I think this is mostly because I’m not putting crap into my body.  But also, I’m really, really, really freaking hungry.  


Whatever else happens, I’m pretty excited about it because it’s going to glorious!

More to come!