40 Days of Fasting, Praying, and Giving.

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Sure, it’s been done.  Probably a few too many times to count.  But I wanted to create this blog to keep me accountable over the next 40 days.  Starting tomorrow, my hubs and I are trying this radial approach to fasting.  Juicing, only juicing.  We are going to pray and tithe and give of our time to the youth program and other things too, but this is the part I think I’ll have the hardest time with.  You see, I love food.  A lot.  I’m worried that I will become mean or exhausted or give up halfway through.  We have this book that gives us a journal to follow which I hope will keep us on track, but this is going to be super hard.   I will try to post every day, or at least every few days, not only to provide updates, but also to keep me accountable to the world.  Fingers crossed that we can do this! ❤ jUICE-2