40 Days of Fasting, Praying, and Giving.

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Okay, apologies first.  I’m not good at consistency.  Obviously.


I will now crawl out of this hiding place and attempt to atone.

Box of Shame

Now then: Day 7 and 8: I know I already posted about day 7 but I didn’t get to write about the end of day 7 when I was able to meet with other folks doing this fast and the author of the book I’m working through.  You can get it here: http://amzn.com/1938050002


The discussion was really excellent and encouraging and being with other folks who are going through this, to quote the author, made me feel “normal.” Usually, if you tell people what you’re doing – usually in the process of refusing something delicious to eat – people get really confused and upset.  The most common response, “So wait, what do you even eat?!”

stupid or something

And my thoughts?  Please, please don’t make me explain this again.

Please kitty

But not in this group.  Yup, they were awesome.  They also thought I was funny, which is both worrisome and wonderful. Mostly because I’m not all that funny, but I’ll take the laugh. 😀

Applause 2

So now onto Saturday.  Saturday started with a client session which wasn’t ideal, but I had a great drive to the session with some fabulous music and prayer time.  Click the link below and feel free to listen to it for the rest of this post.  I think it kind of explains my mood that day.

(Link to Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace)

The next day was church and business, and then the week started like a blur.  Details lost their significance because the week was crazy busy, with something every single night.

For example, a typical week looks like this:

Sunday: Church (Tim ushers, I sing), then softball games in Gloucester where Tim pitches.  Then me furiously working on my weekly notes for work (yes, I know, I am a serious procrastinator) orrrrrr going to leadership summit at the Kingsway campus and then furiously working on my paperwork.



Monday night: small group with some fine folks in Toano.

Tuesday: AGAIN, BOTH AT WORK, NBD. Tuesday night Tim had a men’s small group so I had a friend over for ladies night.


We’re pretty fabulous, obvi.

Wednesday: I’m still excited he’s working, but I’ll stop shouting at you.


Thursday: Work, then worship practice.

choir baby

Friday: work, then Tim has a night meeting and I cuddle with Ladybug and my mistress: Netflix.

I have a problem.

So things got dicey last week because we ran out of money.  As in, open the bank account and:


We had to put gas and other basic needs on credit cards, and I *hate* using credit cards.  Also, I couldn’t adequately prepare for Tim’s anniversary present the way I normally would.

First. A little background on me.  Have you ever read or been told about the Five Love Languages?  If not, do it. Here’s the link:

Five love languages


It’s an easy, short read and under $10.  It talks about the five basic ways that folks give and receive love.  Generally, people fall into one or two categories and they give and receive love similarly.  I’m a weirdo (shock, I know) and I fall into three.  I give and receive love through quality time and physical touch, but I also (and only) like to express love through gifts.  That means I spend a lot of time thinking about, planning for, and presenting my gifts.  If someone was disappointed, I’d be devastated.  I love to personalize and take my time with a gift.  And spend a good amount of dough, especially if it’s someone important to me. Like, say, my husband.  For our wedding anniversary.  I was not in my happy place.


So we agreed to wait and exchange gifts on our actual anniversary, Monday, when my paycheck would come in, and put our anniversary entertainment costs on a credit card.  So Saturday came, and I was literally awake and singing in the shower.  BECAUSE I COULD EAT FOOD THAT DAY!!!

singing in the shower

Then we went to an epic breakfast at this adorable little place in Gloucester and I could literally feel joy in my stomach.

happy dance

After that, it was a Bluegrass Festival in Mattaponi, and on the drive there, the sky was a perfect blue, the fields a perfect green, the sun beat warm on my skin…it was…perfect.  I turned to Tim as we were driving and said, “When I dreamed about coming here, this exactly the summer days I imagined.”  To which he replied, “I’m glad I could make your dreams come true.”  Sure, he’s a cheese, but still.

crying meme

The festival was adorable, complete with dancing old folks, classic cars, etc.



We even got into a massive helicopter and took a selfie (as you do).

20140628_115643_Android 20140628_121501_Android

The next leg of the journey was “lunch” for fro-yo at Sweet Frog in Richmond.

20140628_180514_Android 2

And then, finally, off to dinner/movie at Cinebistro.  This little chain is only in Florida and here, and it’s awesome.  High end, black tie style waiters serve you in classy, comfy leather seating in a posh theater that’s 21+.  They had a version of “chicken and waffles” that was super high end and mega delish.

20140628_223248_Android 2


And popcorn, and soda.  Also, I got massively sick.  Shock.


We also drank coke, several cups worth. That was a huge mistake.  No caffeine and sugar x14 days followed by that?  Welllll…

running speedy

The entire. Way. Home. I was wired for sound.  I could hear colors, man.

Sunday was lovely, and I managed to increase the sunburn I’d already earned at the Bluegrass festival at Tim’s softball games.


I want to tell you all what happened with our actual anniversary on Monday, but that needs to be it’s own post.  Because it’s so great.  Srsly.

Get ready for a great story!!
More to come!!