40 Days of Fasting, Praying, and Giving.

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Welp, it’s a hangry world over in the Paquette household today.  Almost immediately, the lack of breakfast today caught the attention of our stomachs, but, more importantly, our minds.  Full disclosure?  I haven’t cracked the book I’m supposed to be reading with this experience and I need to get on that…

We are both struggling as caffeine, refined sugar, carbohydrates, saturated fats, and a variety of other fun additives in most of America’s food slowly detoxes from our bodies.  I woke with a splitting headache today and nothing will squelch it.  Today began with a client and then the man-candy and I met for sunrise-sunset smoothies at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Williamsburg.  I am very grateful for their non-dairy options today.  


Now, as I sit and sip a Naked drink, I’m thinking back on today.  Energy was almost non-existent, but I felt healthier.  I was hungry, but I definitely had good prayer time with God this morning.  I’m drained, but I feel okay with that.  I have committed to praying for my marriage, for my health, and for future little Paquettes over the course of this fast.  Here’s hoping for blessings in some or all of those areas.  My health, for one, would *require* miraculous intervention to get any better.  Oh, and guys?  Eat a turkey cheeseburger for me, please.  I miss carbs. And cheese.



The flesh is weak, man.